AltEnergis plc


The Project

AltEnergis plc is a UK-based technology acquisition, development and commercialisation company focused on engineering technologies. The company has acquired rights to commercially attractive IP from numerous universities across the UK, including Swansea University based research led by Dr Lijie Li on energy harvesting and Prof Steve Kelly on bio-fuels. The company’s key area of interest is within Engineering, both physical and bio-engineering.


AgorIP supported AltEnergis during their fundraise activities to allow for further development to be carried out at Swansea University to further mature these technologies for commercial exploitation. As part of this process, the Swansea University Innovation Fund invested £50,000 alongside a number of other shareholders to position the company for a listing on the stock market in 2018. This led to a £270,000 Innovate UK funded project awarded in late 2017 in partnership with Swansea University to design a piezoelectric energy harvester for charging mobile devices and microelectronics.
AltEnergis plc now have offices in London and Swansea University to work closely with the University academics and intend to raise further funding to develop numerous other patented technologies with both Swansea University academics and others across the UK. AgorIP continues to assist in this process whenever possible and expects there to be a long and mutually beneficial relationship between both parties over the coming years.


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