ProColl’s mission is to supply biomaterials to help researchers create innovations such as artificial skin and organs with their first to market vegan friendly materials. This includes a material based on collagen, a major component of connective tissues in the human body, for medical breakthroughs that will offer the solutions for everything from cancer drug testing to (autograft) organ replacement.

With the help of Dr Chris Wright since his PhD studies at Swansea University and supported by the AgorIP and Impact Acceleration (ESPRC) funds/projects, CEO Dr Jonathan Widdowson has discovered a way to produce non-animal derived products with just two people involved in production to meet global demand.

ProColl approached AgorIP for commercialisation advice. With the help of the project, ProColl has successfully spun out of Swansea University as an enterprise, and has secured funding from ICURe and the Royal Academy of Engineering to continue its work and commercialise the novel collegen that it produces.
The company is now looking to partner up with others to use their novel collegen in new and innovative ways. The future also involves seeking investment from private investment to start manufacturing on a larger scale.


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