The Project

Trameto is a Swansea-based firm who are developing micro energy harvesting solutions. Trameto’s work aims to eliminate the need for batteries and wired power as part of the growing Internet of Things (IoT). Trameto’s products will enable the elimination of batteries from the many interconnected smart sensors and wireless devices which can communicate with each other in the Internet of Things.

Trameto has secured its first investment round shortly after joining AgorIP and was also awarded substantial funding from Innovate UK to develop their products. The seed financing was led by the Development Bank for Wales and Swansea University’s venture fund. Trameto is led by a highly experienced team and is an important addition to the growing IoT and semi-conductor sector in Wales. The investment from the Development Bank combined with the grant funding allowed Trameto to further develop their products and take advantage of the growing need for low maintenance wireless devices.
The company plans to use the funding to further develop its semi-conductor products which will enable energy harvesting from any form of energy such as light, vibrations and thermal gradients. Within the IoT, there is a huge desire to eliminate the dependence on battery operation to facilitate self-sustaining or fit and forget solutions. Trameto will continue to be supported by AgorIP programme.


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