Cross Cutting Themes: 2019 – What a year!

January 17, 2020

Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs) are an important part of all European Regional Development Funded (ERDF) projects. CCTs are all about sustainable development, looking after the environment as we go about our business, being equal and fair to everyone we deal with, recognising that we need to help those less fortunate than ourselves, all the time remembering that, because we live and work in Wales, to also be proud of its culture and language. As a ERDF funded project, AgorIP is committed to meeting the CCT expectations. Here, our CCT Officer, Yvonne Jones, writes about what we did in 2019 and our new theme for 2020. 

Well where to start?! 2019 was quite a year for AgorIP CCTs. As always, the team have been incredible, taking so much on board, adding new ideas and generally taking pride in working to make AgorIP as sustainable as it can possibly be. We’ve had some fun learning Welsh words, and even mixing in a little Irish, Turkish and Polish too. So, we decided that we needed a theme and that for 2019 it would be wellbeing; how we look after ourselves, mentally and physically, and others.

That’s when things took off!

We started things off by forming a team of AgorIP CCT Champions. The champions, made up of members across the AgorIP team, meet monthly, report to management and most importantly work together to make things happen. The team is instrumental in delivering CCTs within the project, and implementing them into events we hold and attend.

Our annual showcase event always includes CCTs; a few posters, me on hand to chat to visitors, and some photographs. But, in 2019, we had a whole room full of wellbeing-related activities thanks to our new team of champions. We had Joe’s Ice Cream on hand, free massages to our attendees and sustainable seaweed bites created by an inventor working with AgorIP, Wave Wellbeing. Our chill out area became the place to be, to relax, eat lunch, and network.

Later in the year, the champions organised a wellbeing themed day at the National Botanic Garden of Wales for the team and some of the key stakeholders in the project, people and businesses that we work with. We enjoyed a successful day in the sunshine playing team building games, testing a sustainability mapping tool that I developed, and taking part in a selection of wellbeing activities designed to help us realise the need to address wellbeing on all levels.

The feedback from this day was used to refine the mapping tool, which aims to map AgorIP’s activity to the CCT goals, in preparation for its presentation, to the annual ECIE Conference in Kalamata Greece.

I presented the paper, titled Sustainable Development Legislation: The Case of the AgorIP Technology Transfer initiative: Dr. Gareth Huw Davies, Yvonne Jones, Prof. Mike Williams, Dr. Naomi Joyce, outlined our work towards meaningful sustainability. Early indications show that AgorIP is having an impact beyond its core activity of promoting economic activity in Wales, by supporting sustainable development.

The tool is now being refined before being used to map AgorIP activity in detail against the goals, allowing the team to pinpoint where it is doing well and where it might make improvements.

So where next?  2020: a New Year and a new theme.

The CCT Champions have chosen to focus on Equality this year, and will bring the theme to the forefront of its events, with a particular emphasis on supporting events that celebrate equality, within Swansea University, where our project is based, and beyond across Wales.

Watch this space!

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