Cross Cutting Themes: 2020 – An extraordinary year

March 27, 2020

Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs) are an important part of all European Regional Development Funded (ERDF) projects. CCTs are all about sustainable development, looking after the environment as we go about our business, being equal and fair to everyone we deal with, recognising that we need to help those less fortunate than ourselves, all the time remembering that, because we live and work in Wales, to also be proud of its culture and language. As an ERDF funded project, AgorIP is committed to meeting the CCT expectations. Here, our CCT Officer, Yvonne Jones, writes about our progress in 2020 given the COVID-19 outbreak.

So far, 2020 has been an extraordinary year. The team of CCT Champions kicked off the year with a new theme, focusing on Equality. With a wealth of events to plan and take part in throughout the year, the champions set about finding ways to bring equality to the forefront of events, with particular emphasis on supporting events that celebrate equality within Swansea University and across Wales.

Then, COVID-19 broke out and presented new challenges to how the whole team would not only operate the AgorIP project, but how we would continue to champion equality.

Therefore, the CCT champions have decided to revert back to theme of 2019; Wellbeing. As in 2019, this will involve the whole team supporting each other to look after ourselves, mentally and physically, during a very challenging period.

The team have been taking care of their wellbeing enjoying the weather at a safe distance

While the team isolate themselves and work remotely from home for safety, we have established a way of staying in touch while taking care of each other and our own wellbeing. The CCT Champions have set up an online platform where we will be able to share snippets of our days, and provide support to each other. We will share these on our social media platforms, in the hope that we brighten the days of others too.

The time ahead will be challenging be we are looking forward to working together as a team to be supportive as possible, not only to each other, but to all the projects we have supported and will support as we move forward.

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