Cross Cutting Themes: Taking sustainability seriously with AgorIP

September 30, 2019

Earlier this month, AgorIP hosted a sustainability workshop and presented a paper at an international academic conference as part of its ongoing commitment to its Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs), which are an important part of all European Regional Development Funded (ERDF) projects. Here, our CCT Officer, Yvonne Jones, writes about these events and the new tool she has created.

The team uses the seven goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (WFGA) to guide its CCT journey.

On September 13, the team invited some of its partners to a workshop at the National Botanic Garden of Wales to pilot a tool developed, aimed at mapping its activity to those goals. The day focused on wellbeing and as well as the workshop, participants were able to take part in activities designed to help them begin to realise the need to address wellbeing on all levels.

The feedback from this day was used to refine the mapping tool in preparation for its presentation, along with an academic paper explaining the process and rationale behind it to the annual ECIE Conference in Kalamata Greece.

The team’s CCT Champion Yvonne Jones presented a paper entitled Sustainable Development Legislation: The Case of the AgorIP Technology Transfer initiative  by ( Dr. Gareth Huw Davies, Yvonne Jones, Prof. Mike Williams, Dr. Naomi Joyce)  together with the first draft of the mapping tool, to a group of academics.

The paper outlines our work towards meaningful sustainability built around the principles of the WFGA, and early indications show that AgorIP is having an impact beyond its core activity of promoting economic activity in Wales, by supporting sustainable development.

A lively discussion also ensued around the relevance of the work to the UN Sustainability Goals and the relevance of these to teaching entrepreneurship to students in today’s global arena.

The tool will now be refined before being used to map AgorIP activity in detail against the goals, allowing the team to pinpoint where it is doing well and where it might make improvements.

To read more about our commitments to CCT, read Yvonne’s previous blog here or visit our page on CCT.

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