Cross Cutting Themes – the icing on the AgorIP cake

December 11, 2018

When asked what I do for a living, I reply “I work on the Cross Cutting Themes for EU funded projects”. Invariably, the conversation stops dead and so I try to expand, “I help projects with sustainability, that sort of thing”. “Ah,” they reply“how interesting”. Then, satisfied that I am a box ticker doing something vaguely environmental, they steer the conversation onto more familiar ground.

So what are Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs) exactly?  

They are all about sustainable development (SD), looking after the environment as we go about our business, being equal and fair to everyone we deal with, recognising that we need to help those less fortunate than ourselves. All the time, remembering that because we live and work in Wales, also to be proud of its culture and language.

For AgorIP at Swansea University, the projects CCTs are the icing on a very exciting cake.  We have an ethos of excellence, we aim for the highest standard in all we do, and our SD is no different. However how to do real SD has been a hotly debated topic since the Brundtland Report coined the phrase in 1987 and like so many we found it a challenge, we needed help!

Well it turns out that the answer lay in Wales. In terms of SD this country punches well above its weight across the globe, and in 2015 boldly brought into being the Wellbeing of Future generations (Wales) Act 2015. A framework not only to put SD at the forefront of public service but to provide tools for implementation of SD that any organisation can use. 

So firstly, we use the Seven Wellbeing Goals to make AgorIP proudly prosperous, resilient, healthier, more equal, and part of a cohesive community that stretches from Wales across the globe.

And secondly, we use the Five Ways of Working, to look to the long term and act to prevent problems, and by doing this this collaboratively involving our stakeholders; we are proudly integrating SD into all we do.