Happy International Women’s Day!

March 7, 2022

This year we wanted to celebrate a woman who has worked on the AgorIP project from very early days. Yvonne Jones joined AgorIP in 2017 as a Sustainability Specialist, as the Cross-Cutting Themes (CCT) Officer. During her first year in the role, she increased her knowledge and experience in Tech Transfer by working on 2 project enquiries that were proving to be very challenging, but she successfully negotiated a licence with an international biopesticide company. From this, Yvonne saw an opportunity to join the team as a Technology Transfer Manager and she was successful in being appointed to the role, and has been in that role ever since. She continues to hold the responsibility for the CCTs as this remains a strong passion of hers. After starting her role as a TTM, she completed several Tech Transfer courses to build on her skills.   

Yvonne is a key member of the team and is always looking at ways to go the extra mile for her projects. Yvonne has worked on more than 70 enquiries whilst working for AgorIP. Some of her notable successes include:

  • Negotiating a further 4 licences with another 2 in negotiation
  • Successful filing of more than 28 patents
  • Securing more than £150,000 private investment.
  • A further £400,000 private investment close to being secured

Yvonne has worked on so many exciting projects, but unfortunately can’t tell us about her favourite project, as it is commercially sensitive! The project is led by two incredible women. Back in 2018, Yvonne was approached by two ladies, they needed help to find out if their idea could be released commercialised instead of released?. At this stage of the project, the ladies had no entrepreneurial skills at all, and Yvonne was very new in her Tech Transfer role. With Yvonne’s support, AgorIP provided funding for the design development of their idea and for a business mentor to help start up the business and  to secure investment. Another talented lady has now joined the team and this formidable trio have negotiated £100,000 investment to build a prototype. They’re also close to securing a further £300,000 which will ensure that, within the next 2 years they will manufacture and start selling a ground-breaking, lifesaving item of sports equipment.

Yvonne has such drive and passion for Tech Transfer, she says ‘Innovation is exciting and challenging at the same time. Every project is different, and many do not succeed, but either way we learn a great deal. I love helping people realise their ambition to bring something new to life.’

Laurel Jones, Senior Project Manager for AgorIP, said, ‘‘Yvonne is an integral member of the AgorIP Team, having originally joined as our Cross Cutting Themes champion and from there, she then went on to develop a passion for Tech Transfer, which she is using to make demonstrable impact in the Welsh economy.  Since 2017, Yvonne has taken new innovations and, using her skills acquired on the job and supported with continuous professional development, has helped to commercialise these in bringing new products to market. Yvonne has a particular interest in supporting SMEs and is a strong role model and mentor to her colleagues.  Her input is invaluable and, having presented at a conference in Greece on behalf of AgorIP, she truly is an International Woman.’’

Happy International Women’s Day to all women!