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Knowledge Transfer within Higher Education

Being based in Swansea University, we are always looking to reach out to other Welsh Universities. Perhaps you’re an academic whose research has led to an innovation that could be patented? Or maybe you’ve created a product that can be sold, but need advice on how to commercialise? We reach out to academics and our support is available to help you take it from a paper to a product on the market.

Please note that our project cannot support research – our expertise and support are available to those whose research has been done, and who have a product that needs help in the final stages to commercialisation. We can provide support from market research, licensing and commercialisation advice, to proto-typing – but initial research cannot be supported by AgorIP.

We also look at creating secondments within HEIs, to expand our knowledge transfer across Wales, and ensure that our funding is made available to all who need it. The ability to build a hub of knowledge transfer between HEIs will be hugely beneficial to the Welsh economy.


Your HEI contact:

Jeremy Griffiths

Technology Transfer Manager

[email protected]