Letzee is growing – 3D virtual tours available for all things property related!

September 15, 2021

Josh is a Business Management student at the School of Management, he started his company Letzee in 2019, by creating 3D virtual tours for landlords to show their potential tenants around properties, which gives landlords the ability to handle more viewings without having to be there to show them around. Letzee expanded its key stakeholders, by launching a second service to primary and secondary schools, by doing virtual tours for parents, and for new students to see around the school. It’s the perfect software for creating convenience for all things property-related.

With restrictions being brought in last year, Letzee was an invaluable tool for tenants and buyers to virtually view properties’ during Covid-19 and for pupils joining new schools. Letzee has the ultimate software to give people a virtual tour when they want, and not just wait until restrictions were lifted, which was uncertain for awhile

Josh quoted “I’ve really enjoyed the process of building a business from scratch. It is a very rewarding feeling that myself/Letzee can provide a service that is valued greatly by many landlords and businesses across the city. Swansea University and AgorIP have been absolutely brilliant in supporting me along the way. I have ambitious plans for the future of the company, having just graduated from university. If anyone would like to know a little bit more please reach out to me!”

Thanks to AgorIP, Letzee has been introduced to some key contacts to help his business grow, helped improve service and products with some fine tuning, along with support for his business plan and pitch.

Berna Jones, AgorIP TTM who worked with Josh said ‘Letzee is providing very innovative services to private landlords, estate agents, student accommodation agencies, and schools! Since the lockdown due to Covid-19, the importance of Letzee’s services has become even more significant and widely recognised. It is always a pleasure to work with our students and see their ideas and business grow. I am proud to be part to support the Letzee team.’

Letzee is a great innovation, which will help businesses save time and money, help viewers save time by not having to travel and not restricted to viewing times, and will benefit so many schools to help parents and children make choices.

We’re looking forward to seeing Letzee grow and continue being an excellent service for 3D virtual tours.


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