SME Innovation Funding Call

October 1, 2021

Are you an SME based in Wales with intellectual property you’d like to take to market?

AgorIP is inviting small to medium businesses to apply for support and funding! We can help you bring new technologies and ideas to the market. We want to facilitate the commercialisation of your research.

AgorIP is a unique innovation project working to bring ideas and inventions to life. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Welsh Government, and Swansea University. AgorIP can help SMEs to realise the potential of their ideas, products, or research. Our experts are here to help take IP to the marketplace and make it a commercial success.


Our funding call is for innovation and technology transfer projects to come forward and apply for our support, assistance, and potential access to funding which will be managed by your designated Technology Transfer Manager (TTM) at AgorIP. Funding can vary up to £10,000, sometimes more, depending on the innovation!

To apply, complete our SME Form and send it to [email protected]

If you would like to book on to our Support & Enquiry surgery, please email [email protected] to book your space. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions about your IP and/or about the application process.


We’ve supported numerous SMEs since 2016. Each project is unique, which we tailor the support and needs around the project. Below are some examples of the support our TTMs have given recently:

  • Arranged funding of £6,000 towards technical support for field trials
  • Funded £6,000 towards Intellectual Property protection
  • We’ve funded £5,000 to produce a specialist marketing report
  • Supported the development of a prototype with £4,000 funding

 Further Information

Due to our funders’ audit criteria and the University’s procurement policies and procedures, the funding allocated per SME project will be administered between the University and the 3rd party supplier facilitating the service for the company e.g. Market research, Patent Filing, Prototype Development, Funding Commercial Mentors or Specialist Market reports. NB – No direct payments will be made from the University to the SME.

As AgorIP is externally funded through EU structural funding, the Project is target-driven with key indicators and outcomes to achieve by June 2023. As a result, supported SMEs will be required to complete paperwork with the support of their designated TTM for audit purposes. The following is an outline of AgorIP’s indicators:

  • Patents registered
  •  Non-financial support
  • Employment increase
  • Private investment
  • New enterprises supported
  • New to market products
  • New to firm products
  • Supported research institutions

Cross-Cutting Themes:

In addition to the above indicators, AgorIP has a responsibility to deliver against Cross-Cutting Themes, including sustainability and equal opportunities and this is a requirement of any funding agreed.

AgorIP will engage with all SMEs accessing funding to achieve the following:

  • Access and participation with the Welsh Government Future Proofing Toolkit
  • Adoption/improvement of a Sustainability Strategy
  • Adoption or improvement of an Equality Strategy


About AgorIP

AgorIP is a unique innovation project working to bring ideas and inventions to life. Part Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Welsh Government and Swansea University. AgorIP works with SMEs, Academics and the NHS to realise the potential of their ideas, products or research. Our Team is here to help take IP to the marketplace and make it a commercial success.

Agor means ‘Open’ in Welsh and IP stands for Intellectual Property (IP).  Having the right type of intellectual property protection stops others from using or copying the names of products or brands, inventions, the design and look of products and anything written, made or produced.

This is open to SMEs based throughout Wales, covering the two funding regions West Wales and the Valleys and East Wales.

Who we work with and what can we fund?

  • IP Protection
  • Business Strategists
  • Legal Contract Managers
  • Specialist Market Reports
  • NHS Assessment Guidance
  • Mentors & Commercial leads
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