Talking Type 1 – Books to support psychological needs of people living with Diabetes.

July 19, 2021

Dr. Rose Stewart a Clinical Psychologist, who works for the All-Wales Diabetes Implementation Group has published a selection of books to help people living with diabetes, the books specifically concentrate on the psychological side of having diabetes.

Back in 2016, Dr. Rose was running a pilot in a Young Adult Diabetes service in North Wales when she quickly became aware of the lack of psychological support for people living with diabetes. From this, Dr. Rose began to write her first book to support their psychological needs.

The Talking Type 1 book range, has a selection of books to support children, adults, and families living with diabetes. There are currently four books to this range; Diabetes Burnout, Not OK with Needles?, Diabetes Distress & Burnout for Parents & Carers, and the children’s book, How to manage a Mammoth.

The books were an immediate hit with the NHS and have been distributed in all diabetes clinics in Wales, and are free for anyone in Wales. If you would like access to a book, please contact your Diabetes Specialist Nurse to arrange for you.

With the books being released across Wales, it wasn’t long until NHS staff in other areas of the UK were asking how they could get copies for their services, plus internationally people were getting in touch too.

Dr. Rose approached AgorIP after receiving a recommendation on their expertise. AgorIP brings clinicians, academics and businesses together to pioneer research into cutting-edge technologies and drive commercial success with the support of Swansea University. AgorIP has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.

Dr. Rose Stewart quoted “AgorIP helped us to take the next step with our project and navigate the confusing world of contracts and publishing agreements. The team were really friendly and took the time to understand exactly what we needed”

AgorIP stepped in and supported Dr. Rose and her team to take the next step in getting the books published. AgorIP negotiated the contract with Cambridge University Press.

Yvonne Jones, one of the Technology Transfer Managers who is assisting Talking Type 1 said: “It has been a pleasure to help Rose negotiate a publishing contract for her books. These materials will soon be distributed worldwide, helping many more children and their families cope with diabetes.”

With all of this in place, a large order of 300,000+ books has been requested from NHS England. With the success of the books and the publishing deal, profits from the books will go back into the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group, this will help fund and continue the amazing project and support more people in Wales living with diabetes.

There are another 2 booklets in the pipeline with the hope that later in the year we will see the next book launch in Wales – Adjusting to Life with Diabetes, for people who have recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and another book for children, How to Handle a Hedgehog.

Dr Rose Stewart said “It’s been really exciting to see Talking Type 1 develop from a passion project to an international book range. We hope that these books can help people with diabetes to access some of the psychological support that they need, and realise that they are not alone”

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