Dr Kelvin Donne

AgorIP Scientific Research Lead

Email [email protected]


Kelvin received a B.Sc. (Hons.) first-class degree in physics and a Ph.D. degree in computational physics from the University of Wales in 1974 and 1980, respectively. His current role is the Scientific Research Lead for the AgorIP. He has extensive experience of knowledge in transfer programs, over a 30-year period he has generated over £4 million of research income from various sources such as; EPSRC, EU, and UK government sources. The majority of his 25 Ph.D. supervisions have been in collaboration with local industry. He has also won and led a number of EU structural fund projects in the Knowledge Transfer area, with particular emphasis on the SME community. In his current role, Kelvin provides specialist scientific support to the team for a variety of project enquiries. He also facilitates collaborative research with colleagues in the School of Management in the area of Knowledge Transfer. One example of this is a forthcoming paper accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management: “ The Underlying Complexities Impacting Accelerator Decision Making—A Combined Methodological Analysis” Kelvin E. Donne, David L. Hughes, Michael D. Williams, and Gareth H. Davies