Yvonne Jones

Technology Transfer Manager

Email [email protected]


Yvonne is a sustainable development specialist, with a background in science education, waste, and environmental management. In 2004, having gained an MSc in Education for Sustainable Development, she undertook a career change and began working for a prominent Welsh charity, and joined Swansea University in 2007 as a Business Development Officer for an EU funded project, and since then has worked on many others. Over her time at Swansea, her sustainability background naturally led her into the field of EU funding Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs), and she has become a recognised authority in this field. She is often called upon for help and advice across the University and wider afield. She currently carries responsibility for ensuring the AgorIP Project meets it CCT obligations. Yvonne has worked as an AgorIP Technology Transfer Manager since mid-2017. Building on experience of the science and environment sectors, she now engages with academics from the College of Science and the Computational Foundry and carries responsibility for AgorIP NHS engagement across Wales.