Trasferade – AgorIP joins ‘Dragons Den’ event

April 18, 2019

AgorIP Project Director, Dr Gerry Ronan, recently returned to Belgrade to take part in the first Serbia TRASFERADE Pitch event. Ten teams with high technology business ideas presented Dragon Den style to a panel of business angels and technology transfer experts from across Europe in a bid to to commercialize and create new products.

While no investments resulted from the first event, there are hopes that as it matures over the coming years, a portfolio of well-funded start-ups will start to emerge.

I have been working with the local universities and regional Government in Belgrade to articulate the processes underpinning the ERDF funded AgorIP concept.

Serbia, being an accession country to the EU, is highly interested in accessing both skills and funding to engage with the commercialisation agenda and we would aspire to assist them on this exciting journey.

We had a dozen, very diverse and quite technically mature commercial opportunities to study. The quality of the presentations was very high.

A common theme was the need for the complementary entrepreneur skills to work alongside the innovators but these will emerge, as the quality and volume of commercialisation opportunities become better known.

Gerry Ronan

The best project was decided by a jury including Vesna Mandić, Professor at the University of Kragujevac, Jelena Plavanski, Director of the Association of Business Angels of Serbia, Hazel Stewart, associate Cleveland Scott York, John Normanton, founder and director of Oxandia Ltd and myself.

Professor Brankovicc won the day’s award for best presentation for her business, B-Fresh, which offers an environmentally friendly technology for extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetables by a factor of two.  It is a fantastic business proposition and I look forward to seeing her future success. I personally saw several interesting concepts that AgorIP could engage with while in Belgrade

AgorIP has developed a vibrant pipeline of commercial opportunities, having been inundated with inquiries from many sources.

Thanks to support from Swansea University and the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, we are working to improve the health and wealth of the people of Wales, and drive forward the next wave of innovation in Wales.

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