We are creating a vibrant pipeline of commercial opportunities

December 11, 2018

Dr Gerry Ronan has worked in industry in both corporate and SMEs for 20 years before joining Swansea University as Head of Commercial Services. He has a PhD in physics and is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and has worked in the fields of medical devices and drug discovery. At Swansea he has championed a progressive approach to technology transfer which has created a vibrant pipeline of commercial opportunities and now leads the unique AgorIP project.

The AgorIP project is a new open innovation approach which can help bring ideas and innovation to life.

Thanks to support from Swansea University, the Welsh European Funding Office and Welsh Government, we are working to improve the health and wealth of the people of Wales. We are doing this by working with academics, industry, the NHS, investors and entrepreneurs.

Our aim is to transfer innovation and Intellectual Property into existing or new businesses which help create new jobs and also improve NHS care by taking cutting edge research and turning it into new medicines, devices, technology and services.

AgorIP was launched in late 2016 following the successful pilot Swansea Healthcare Innovation Partnership Program (SHIPP) – funded by Welsh Government – and we have enjoyed enormous success in our first phase. We are delighted to be based at Swansea University’s School of Management on the £450million Science & Innovation Bay Campus and we now have a full team of technology transfer staff together with administrators, patent experts and pipeline managers in place.

Over the past 12 months, we have developed a vibrant pipeline of commercial opportunities having been inundated with inquiries from many sources.

We have already been able to support almost 100 of these – which shows the high levels of innovation taking place across the whole of Wales.

We have established a varied portfolio of projects, over 50% of which have a health and wellbeing outcome, many of which are already attracting significant private sector investment and creating high value, highly skilled jobs. These projects range from digital tools for university students, early stage medical devices, diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer, clean technology, Internet of Things, downhill mountain bikes for disabled users, and many collaborations with NHS Wales Health Boards.

The whole AgorIP team is looking forward to the year ahead – as we seek to secure further investment for our portfolio of projects, develop our work with NHS Wales and help drive forward the next wave of innovation in Wales.