What We Do

Your AgorIP journey step by step. . .


So you have intellectual property and you’ve enquired about it with AgorIP; what happens next?

We’ve broken the process down into 5 simple steps: Your Commercialisation Journey

  • Step 1– Our team will carry out our initial due diligence, to check the viability of your project and its ability to deliver indicators for AgorIP.


  • Step 2– If your project is viable, a Technology Transfer Manager (TTM) will work with you to develop a proposal, which will then be taken to our Evaluation Panel for review. If the results of the project viability are unfavourable, then your request for support is unlikely to be progressed to the panel.


  • Step 3– If your project is approved by the Evaluation Panel, it will be made live and your TTM can then begin to arrange the professional services you require. These may vary from:
  • patent attorneys
  • trademark attorneys
  • commercial mentors
  • design and branding consultants
  • specialist legal advice
  • market feasibility studies and triage reports


  • Step 4– With assistance from your TTM, you will work with professional service contractors to deliver your project.


  • Step 5– This is the final step, the closure of your project. Once ensuring that we’ve collected the indicators for our funders, and our Engagement and Communications Officer may work alongside you to create press and marketing materials to further promote your innovation once the project has been closed.


What We Don’t Do

AgorIP cannot:

  • Give you money; we work with you and invest in activity for a shared outcome.
  • Support everything; we only support opportunities that make commercial or economic sense.
  • Support opportunities where Swansea University believe we cannot add value.
  • Support opportunities forever; if there is no commercial traction we will stop and hand the opportunity back to you.
  • We can only fund projects that deliver targets/indicators and represent value for money. Sometimes projects are partially funded, or funded subject to milestones being achieved.