What We Do

Your AgorIP journey step by step. . .

How we do it

Step 1: Have you got intellectual property and would like help bringing it to market? Complete our simple inquiry form.

Step 2: The team will carry out market research to check the commercial viability of your invention before being accepted onto the AgorIP programme of work.

Step 3: If accepted, we will enter into a simple contract to agree what both parties get from engagement.

Step 4: The team will explore if your intellectual property (IP) needs to be protected

Step 5: You may be assigned a commercial lead who will help you create a business plan to “pitch” to external investors.

Step 6: We will provide funding to refine your current product or idea or develop a prototype and test its function.

Step 7: We will help make your idea or innovation “market ready” – by either building a “start-up” team around you or help you create a “start-up” company or help you license your product.

Step 8: Once you have successfully finished your AgorIP journey, you will have a product or service which is ready to be launched into the commercial market.

AgorIP is open to anyone based anywhere in Wales. The AgorIP team is happy to advise you on whether you are eligible for AgorIP support.

What we don’t do

AgorIP cannot:

  • Give you money, it works with you and funds activity for a shared outcome.
  • Support everything, we only support opportunities that make commercial or economic sense.
  • Support opportunities where Swansea University believe we cannot add value.
  • Support opportunities forever – if there is  no commercial traction we will stop and hand back the opportunity to you.